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Monthly Archives: October 2012


This path that you follow, where will it bring you? It will bring me to wherever I need to be. Tweet

Living life on your terms

You have to make a choice to live life on your own terms to meet and achieve your own objectives and not those that was set up by your parents, teachers, society and culture. U have to do this in order to be free. This also ties in to living life by design. ‘Adnan the […]

The Longest Journey

The longest journey in life is the one between the heart and the soul.  Tweet


A stranger is a friend you have not met. Thats the truth.  Tweet

Design a Life

Design a Life, not make a living.  Tweet


Creativity: its so important so keep it alive through trials and tribulations. Never let life make it dull. Always ignite the fire of creativity. Tweet

Completion Vs Perfection

This is a very good article that details the merits of Completion Vs Perfection. If you are like me, who is quite a perfectionist, than I am sure that you will appreciate this article as it helps to frame things in the right perspective to help you get moving Article: Completion Vs Perfection.  Tweet

Hacker’s Mindset

The new social innovations and social media creators of the early 21century didn’t start out trying to create the perfect platform. They knew that if they set out to do that, it will take ages. So what they do is that they assemble a rough idea and they set out to create it. Its rough […]


 “Love is not only immortal but is the source of creation from which all creation is possible. We are all Love.” Adnan the Traveller Tweet


“A person of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting.” – Carlos Castaneda   Tweet