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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Dylan Thomss

Fight fight against the dying light, Never go gently into the night.        Dylan Thomas Tweet


Your imagination is your angel. Its God meeting God. ‘Ibnu Al-Arabi’ Tweet


Brilliant Analogy Tweet

When you reach Enough

When you reach the point of Enough, than you start making the change necessary to grow beyond. Tweet

From the man who did it and live to tell it as it is.






Live by your terms


Authentic living

As I grow older, I become more interested in ways of living a more authentic life and actually making it happen. Its not longer an intellectual exercise. Its an actual experience and if the experience gels with me, I want to make it into a practice. Thus what I am really seeking is the practice […]

How to Fly like a hummingbird

There’s no way to learn to fly like a hummingbird unless u fly. Regina Dugan, Head DARPA Tweet