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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Scientist Rupert Sheldrake shares on the Morphogenetic Field

This is a very interesting lecture by English Biochemist and author, Rupert Sheldrake. He proposed the idea that all matter is linked by a field which connect everything to the whole of creation. In this video, he elaborated more on this topic. Do enjoy this lecture: You can than visit his website at: Tweet

This is just a ride


The Importance of Intensity in everything that we do.

So much of what I write on this blog concerns the question of why we do what we do, how we do what we do and what is the intended result of doing something the way we do it. Perhaps this is simply where I am at in my life that makes me explore such […]

The Courage to Go Within

Your throat is dry, your breathing isn’t strong and you know you are nervous. You try to enjoy your day but you know that something at the back of your mind is nagging at you. You do all the things that gives you joy in the past and instead of it being central to your […]

What is Authenticity and how to live Authentically.

The journey into authenticity is something that I pursuit constantly.  What does it mean to be truly authentic and how can one discover his/her inner authenticity and live from that place of self integrity? In order to answer the above question, we have to first understand what is authenticity and how do we tune in […]

What do I do with myself?

Life can best be understood retrospectively. At this point of our lives, where we are at, its difficult to fathom why we are in what we are and how life will unfold. I once asked a wise shaman what is the purpose of life. And he took a plate and a salt shaker on the […]

The meeting of minds

A meeting of minds is a very profound affair. Imagine yourself with all the wealth of your life experiences filled with unspoken insights and appreciation for nuances, issues and also resolved challenges, peak experience and those experience that threw caution to the wind from than on. Imagine All of you, meeting another Being who also […]

We and you

“You are all me and we are all you” Adnan the Traveller  Tweet

The dream that wasn’t

It was an afternoon to remember. Not that other afternoons are lesser or more in meaning. But that day the floodgates were open. Depending on who you asked, they would tell you that I had keyed into the ephemeral or the transcendent. For me reality had revealed itself and in unfolding the great mystery, I […]

No time, just us.

If you are reading my first post here, than you are either with me since the beginning (which is today 4th Feb 2013) as I made my first post or you have scrolled back into the deep past somewhere in the future to read my initial posting, the origin so to speak, of what will […]