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Monthly Archives: March 2013

What is Reality? Joe Rogan ponders

Very intriguing pondering by Joe Rogan   Tweet

Blessings in disguise…

Sometimes the worst thing that you think can happen to you is a blessing in disguise. Without it you might not learn to believe in yourself, to move forward with integrity and divinity and to embrace the unknown that rather than causing fear might become a source of strength.   Tweet

Ketogenic diet known to reverse kidney disease in mice

This is absolutely interesting, as you might know, I’m a practitioner of the paleo diet where I do not consume any sugar or carbs in my diet. I also abstain from processed food choosing instead to stick to natural food like vegetables, poultry, meats and eggs. If you are keen to find out more about […]

Funny & Intriguing: Joe Rogan 2006 Comedy Special

This is really funny, stimulating and intriguing. Joe Rogan’s humour is unique, funny and actually makes you think about and wonder about the things you might have missed because you forgot how fantastic the universe really is. Tweet

Poignant song: Gary Jules ‘Mad World’


Tim Ferris on how to learn anything in a very short time.


Tim Ferris: Hacking the Human Body.

A presentation by Tim Ferris, author of The 4hr work week and The 4hr Body talking about hacking the human body: Tweet

Google Street Views from the top of the world.

Google, which seems determined to map every square inch of the planet, on Monday released Street View images from four of the seven tallest mountains on earth. One lucky engineer, who happens to be a passionate mountaineer, led the Google Mountain Enthusiast team during a project that was strictly a labor of love for all […]