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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Ode to the Power of Gentleness

An Ode to the Power of Gentleness  As I journey through life, I learn from my experiences and in this way, I have my own self realisation as do all of us. One of the things that I have begun to truly embrace is my realisation on what is Power. I have discovered the law […]

How to clear your mind and just Be

Found this other video too, love this. Happy watching:      Tweet

Who’s life are you living?

I recently found this video and found it such a good fruit for thought. This one is titled: Who’s Life Are You Living:        Tweet

Deep philosophy in sparkling water

Haha found this on Reddit, what a gem:) Read closely… Tweet

Kitten’s first day in new home.

Took this from a posting on Reddit, this kitten’s first day at new home… Tweet

Kayaker in a pool of mesmerizing foam

Simply captivating, like looking at swirling coffee… Tweet

The realisation into One-ness.

In the beginning of my realisation, I thought… You are a protrusion of the Divine into everyday reality. Than I realise that there is a spark of the Divine within all of us. But than one night I realised that reality is God dreaming. The following moment, I realised that there is only ONE-ness. Everything […]

Awesome Clip: The Tokyo City Symphony

The Tokyo City Symphony is like nothing we’ve seen before. Using an incredible 1:1000 scale model of Tokyo created for the city’s 2009 bid for the Olympic Games, the website allows you to project your own musical light show onto the cityscape and add it to a crowd-sourced symphony. Read more by clicking here. Or watch the […]

The effect of US drone attacks: Yemeni journalist tells senators about the terror of targeted strikes

Prologue: I feel the need to say this only because some people might question my identified perspective. So for the reader’s info, I’m a pacifist who believes that wars represents the breakdown of communication and should never be an option. Communication and negotiation must prevail and might never makes right. If that is not enough, […]


‘Risks aren’t that scary once you took them’ Tweet