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Monthly Archives: May 2013

How a baby’s life is being saved by groundbreaking 3D printing technology

What if one day you can print/produce any product you want or need? based on your own designs? well you already could with 3D printing. Watch how this new technology enables doctors to print a device to expand a baby’s trachea. Tweet

Ubuntu: Beautiful New smartphone operating system

Ubuntu is a linux based new smartphone operating system. It has an original and novel interface, beautifully layered, highly secured and is essentially a laptop in a phone. You can connect the phone to a big monitor and keyboard and you will have a computer. Check this out:     Tweet

Jason Mraz checked out a place with the most perfect acoustic!

Jason Mraz visited a space called the Integraton invented and designed by George Van Tassel located at Joshua Tree California. This place claims to have the most perfect acoustic on Earth. Watch as he discovers the balanced acoustic of this place and draw your own conclusion:-) (for more information on the Integraton, click here)   […]

Freedom and Oneness


Understanding the needs of others


Here’s to the crazy ones


Love the art by Daryl Feril

Love this piece of art I saw today by Daryl Feril Tweet

The inherent stupidity of the play of duality!

Only the weak thinks they need to be strong. That’s the problem with this world when people are obsessed with wanting to be strong. Women wants to be stronger than men. Men wants to be stronger than other men. Countries wants to be stronger than other countries. The truth is we are all as strong […]

What the caterpillar called the end of the world…


Google Thinks Big: Driverless cars, Google Glasses & Women in Technology.

As you might well know, I am fascinated with technology. More than anything, I think technology is a temporary crutch that one day we will throw away as we realise that the technology within us is as awesome if not more awesome than the best technology we have created. Think about the internet and compare […]