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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Realisations as I grow older.

Getting old is something all of us will experience, hopefully. It is a journey that will bring us to many points of realisations, paradigm shift and the emergent of new desires. Am I old? Well I am definitely older than what I was yesterday. Do I have my own realisations to share? Sure, but you […]

Yin and Yang puppies


Amen: Courage

Enough said: Tweet

Funny & Informative: True Facts about the Mantis Shrimp

This is both funny and insightful, facts you might never know about the mantis shrimp. Most likely this is the first time you have ever heard of a mantis shrimp haha. Tweet

Hilarious: Markets in turmoil as price of money skyrockets to $90 a dollar hahaha

The Onion has done it again. Truly hilarious, especially in these crazy economic times hahaha: Markets In Turmoil As Price Of Money Skyrockets To $90 A Dollar Tweet

This kid is probably more contented than any of us will be today:)


Reason to give

This is how I feel and why I do it. Compassion is the glue of society.  Tweet

The Ultimate Ignorance haha!!!

Can’t agree less: Tweet

Why this is Innovation’s Golden Age

Why is this Innovation’s Golden Age? Hear more from one of the world’s currently most prolific inventor and innovator, Ray Kurzweill: Tweet

TEDX Talk: I Believe that Dreams Can Come True

5 years ago, I had the luck to meet Tay Siang Hui. Back than she was in the documentary-making industry as a docu-producer. I met her as she was practicing a healing modality and I was still a social worker with a psych background who wanted to learn more about various healing modalities, having explored […]