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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Awesome Coastline: Tangolunda Bay, Huatulco, Mexico

Who doesn’t love coastlines and sunsets… Tweet

Orda Underwater Cave – Most beautiful Underwater Cave in the world.

Orda Cave is the most extended underwater cave in Russia, the second in Eurasia, with regards to length, and the world’s greatest gypsum cave. It has status of All-Russia natural monument. It is the first and the world only underwater gypsum excursion cave, member of I.S.C.A (Association of Excursion Caves of the World). In 2008 […]

Simply Gorgeous Soreq Stalactite Cave

Looking like something out of a Lord of the Rings set is the Soreq Stalactite Cave. Stalactites are natural rock formations within some caves that dripped minerals causing the formation of fractal looking rock formations. Enjoy the pic: Tweet

Gorgeous Melissani Cave (Greece)

The gorgeous Melissani Cave is located on the forested island of Kefalonia in Greece. Other than that, enjoy the fantastic pictures: Tweet

The boss, not the workload, causes workplace depression | ScienceNordic Tweet

Gorgeous beach in New Zealand

This is an incredibly gorgeous beach in New Zealand. Click on the photo above to download the originally sized pic. Tweet

Reflecting on my life through my nephews


Wouldn’t you like to have this view outside your tent?

Its that time of the week when I imagine what it would be like to camp on a mountain-top. What if when you open your tent, this is the sight that awaits you 🙂 Please click on the photo above to download the original sized photo. Tweet

Nephews: how a stingray gets its name haha


Kids says the darndest things:)