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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Going back to basics

Every once in awhile, especially as we grow older, and life becomes increasingly complex, there is a need to simplify our life. Taking reference from the saying, ‘Seeing the forest for the trees’, complexity usually results in us seeing so many tree branches leading every direction but not necessarily how all these are related to […]

Man’s search for Novelty

In the past few weeks, the thread of my thoughts and also synchronicity in life have directed me towards an awareness of novelty, its importance and why we all need it if we want to continue growing. What is Novelty I didn’t start thinking about Novelty directly. It came to me in the middle of […]

Creating Original Content

Okay, so I have been ‘blogging’ for awhile now although technically I must say that its more like sharing things i find interesting around the web. Daily we find so many interesting things online and we are always sharing it with our friends and family. So perhaps its time for me to start generating my […]

Well, sometimes we all have to send a clear message haha:-)

And sometimes, we all need to send a strong message 🙂 Tweet

Learning to cherish what matters

This is how the native american indians used to teach their children to cherish what matters, perhaps we should do this in modern times. Food for thought: Tweet

Living with Intensity


Rumi: Do not feel Lonely

Do not feel lonely, because… Tweet

Short Video: How media portrayal of women endangers health and self esteem

If I have a daughter, I would be sure to educate her about eating healthy and develop her self-esteem using other ways than beauty. When Cindy Crawford herself says that she wish that she looks like Cindy Crawford, you know something is up. Especially when in real life, she looks like the above pic. Its […]

Journey into Authenticity

Always be authentically yourself: Tweet

Have a good rest tonight:-)

Have a good night rest tonight, all of you 🙂 Tweet