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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Future Paradigm-changing technology now…

This is a very interesting infographic that shows future upcoming technology. From here, perhaps you can glean what is going to happen in the next 5-10 years which is really a very long time in technology: The Future of Web and Technology via HostGator Tweet

This is a Word-Cloud of my most frequently used words on Facebook

How interesting, I did an analysis and discovered that these are the words that I use the most on FB. Hahaha, and I have to agree, yes, I use those words very frequently. Tweet

Easter Island Statues found to have bodies

As part of the Easter Island Statue Project, scientist have revealed that the Easter Island statues actually have bodies that are also marked with interesting petroglyphs. See the photos below. If you would like to read the article, go here: Tweet

Designers optimised an attic to become a multi-faceted, stage-like living space

Architects elii – Uriel FoguĂ© + Eva Gil + Carlos Palacios. transformed a small attic space into a novel living space filled with amenities. The idea behind this originated from the idea of how a theatre stage is build with trap doors that contains various devices and effects. Watch the video below and the pictures […]

Must see video: Isao Machii sliced a BB gun pallet in half in mid-air

Using a slow motion camera, it was confirmed that Isao Machii successfully sliced a BB-gun pallet after it was shot out of a BB gun and travelling towards him. Amazing skill and anticipatory coordination: Watch the video below: Tweet

Video of Japanese Zen Archery: Explanation & Demonstration

This is worth watching if you are keen in the concept of Zen meditation in Japanese archery and also the live demonstration: (Click the photo below to go to youtube video) Tweet

Amazing Video Female Speed Archer

What skill! Amazing speed archery demonstrated by this archer: Watch the video here: Tweet

Introducing the Singularitarian perspective of fitness.

Recently, I find myself hesitating on whether I do want to go to the gym. This happens during lunch break, or after work hours. This happens even as I was standing at the lift lobby that will take me upstairs. It wasn’t laziness. It was something else. This happens day in and day out. I […]

Beautiful Video: The craft of knife-making

Even if you are not a fan of knife making, there is something magical about the way this video is shot, not to mention the craftsman who made this knife from metal and wood to finish. Watch the video below: Tweet

Living in Wholeness (Singularitarianism)

Living in Wholeness is the philosophy of living life based on the realisation that every moment is whole. Every moment in life is whole & perfect and does not need more or less of what’s already happening. In fact its impossible because its already whole. Every moment is whole and perfect. Read that again. Every […]