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Monthly Archives: April 2014

People come into our lives for a Reason, Season or Lifetime

Nine years ago, I met a colleague who quickly became a very close friend and kindred soul. Very early on, she sent me the following poem below. I was perplexed. How strange to meet and connect with someone only for them to share with you such a poem. I can safely say we are still […]

Our Relationship with our heart

What is the heart? If you ask a lay person, they will tell you that the heart keeps us alive by pumping blood throughout our whole body. If you talk to a doctor, he will be telling you more about how the heart does this through rhythmic contractions, what are the signs of a healthy […]

Light Piercing the clouds at Grand Canyon, Arizona

This looks so much like a painting… but its not! (Click on the picture for the larger version) Tweet

Waldo finds himself

🙂 Tweet

Pic: Iceland…

My mum used to say, there is deep beauty in isolated places… so true. (Click on the pic for the larger version) Tweet

Pic: Omanawanui Track, NZ Waitakere Ranges

Imagine being there when this happens… simply stunning (Click on the pic for the larger version) Tweet

Pic: Pismo Beach, California

This pic makes me feel calm and uplifted… (Click on the picture for the larger version) Tweet

Pic: Morning at Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Sometimes beauty takes words away… Mount Bromo, Indonesia. Click on the picture for the larger version: Tweet

Pic: Morning Sun through mists – Golyam Belgik, Bulgaria

Things coming together and producing amazing beauty…. (click on the pic for bigger version) Tweet

Pic: Proxy Falls Oregon

The fractal beauty of nature… (Click on the picture for the bigger version) Tweet