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Monthly Archives: July 2014

NeuroSky: Control machines with your mind (Video)

Neurosky is the maker of mind-control device that enables you to control machines and computer programmes by simply using your mind. By reading the brainwaves that you produce when you concentrate, meditate and blink, this will enable you to interface with softwares enabling you to translate those into physical actions. Watch the videos here: The […]

Motivation of the week for life

Life is seldom straightforward and all of us can use a pat on the back and some words of guidance every now and than. Sometimes these words can just be reminding us to be grateful for what we already have, others its more of a way to relate to the people we meet in our […]

A pat on the back and a kick in the butt…

Many a times in life, we need to have a goal in mind before we can achieve it. But at times, some goals we envision seems impossible. But how can something be impossible when you have never tried it? To say something is impossible before we gave it all our best does not makes sense. […]

Life is Lived only in the NOW.

Inspired by the work of photographer Sebastiao Selgado, he inspired me and made me realised that there is no other way to live except in the NOW. We have limited shelf-life in our human form. Before long, our time will be up. Make full use of this opportunity to experience life in all its forms […]

Hey Joe Coffee Mug – Brew on the Go

This revolutionary coffee mug allows you to brew your own coffee on the go at the touch of a button. Ever been stuck in traffic or rushing from appointments to appointments and needing that cup of hot coffee? Well this mug brews your coffee while you are on the move at the touch of a […]

Video: Project Adam – Microsoft’s Deep Learning Machine

Video: Project Adam – Microsoft’s Deep Learning Machine Microsoft claims that it had build one of the most advance deep learning machine using 50% less computational processing power than its nearest competitor, which is most likely google. Watch the video here to learn more about our future computer overlords… ok just joking but skynet just […]

The mysteries of the universe


A Beautiful Gif of a Blooming Flower

Flowers has always intrigued humanity. From the beauty it inherently possess to its almost mathematically constructed geometry. Layered with discovery in Golden Ratios and the Fibonacci sequence, the mathematical fractal algorithm that pervades all of nature’s design. Perhaps beauty can truly be defined mathematically and we are attracted to designs that are fundamentally similar to […]

Video: Interact with your digital device with your mind!

What if you can interact with your digital device with your mind? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well this might not be far from the truth. MindRDR, as the app is called, links up Google Glass with another piece of head-mounted hardware, the Neurosky EEG biosensor, to create a communication loop. The Neurosky biosensor picks up […]

Kickstarter: Virtual Ride to Space

Do you dream of going into space? If yes, than support this Kickstarter project: A weather balloon will carry 12 HD video cameras up to a 30km altitude to create a virtual ride to space viewable with the Oculus Rift. Watch the video below: The camera array, which can be seen below, will be arranged […]