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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Waxing ‘Sacred Economics’ With Charles Eisenstein

Below is a review of Charles Eisenstein’s book, Sacred Economics. Mr Eisenstein have also made the book available online for free: Click here Waxing ‘Sacred Economics’ With Charles Eisenstein (Original source of this article, click here) In my four years as an editor and co-founder of the cutting-edge web magazine for transformational culture Reality Sandwich, […]

Greatest learning happens when I accept death, let go and was ultimately reborn

My greatest healing and learning seems to happen when I run headlong into death. While death seems to be something that most people avoid, to me it was the gateway to letting go and growing. Nope I’m not talking about suicide. Many people live their life never having decided whether they are afraid of death. […]

We are all the mirrors of our own relationships

When we are in a relationship, we also become the mirrors which enables insights into each other’s behaviours as well as our own. In an attempt to understand our partners, we compare what our partners have done against the mirror of our own personal experience. In the process of doing this, we also understand that […]

Motorola’s Revolution for Bespoke handphones and smart watches

There is something to be said about designers and the beautiful creations they conceptualised and flesh out. When we speak of design, we have visions of beautiful smart leather wallets, bags, shoes. Designer furnitures can be sleek and metallic or kooky and fun. A designer can conceptualises something both beautiful and functional, fun and personalised. […]