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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Super Adorable Video: What your dog actually does when you aren’t at home?

Ever wondered what does your dog do when you are not at home? Youtuber Mike the Intern decided to test out a new GoPro camera by attaching it to his dog to record what it does when it’s home alone. The resulting video is so adorable that it makes you feel sad if you ever […]

Book Review: White Tiger Legend

I have recently finished reading an extremely well-written, insightful and exciting book: White Tiger Legend. I can’t recommend this book enough. Here is my review on Amazon: White tiger legend is set to become a spiritual classic & a must read for all seekers on the journey towards discovering their own answers on Love, Integrity […]

Video: Csardas – Vittorio Monti – Metal Version

What can I say, this is just a beautiful heavy metal rendition of a beautiful classical piece: And this is the original classical version played excellently by Hyun-Su Shin: Tweet

The World is in You

We are the experience we are experiencing as we move through life. The experience that is perceived by our consciousness via our perception equates to awareness. So to put it another way: Awareness/Experience [Consciousness + perception] = Experience Life is not experienced independently and cannot be experienced objectively. Everytime you are ‘studying’ life, its you […]

Flying through Fireworks

Ever wondered how it feels like to fly through fireworks? In this video, the pilot of a DJI Phantom 2 drone with a GoPro Hero strapped on it flew over and through massive fireworks. Its awesome to see. Watch the video after the break: Video Below: Tweet

B & W Photo Challenge

Recently a friend of mine challenged me to the Black and White photo challenge. As part of this challenge, you are expected to post one B&W photo and nominate a friend/s each day for 5 days. While there are many challenges nowadays on FB, Instagram and others, what I love most about the B&W challenge […]

Creepy toy trolley at a playground

Every now and than, you walk into a new neighbourhood. The people seem strange and quiet. They don’t just look you right in the eye. Its like they have a secret they can’t tell you, and they seem rather terrified of it. As you walk around in the afternoon, a mysterious silence pervades the neighbourhood. […]

Be happy when u lose sight of the shore

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. – Andre Gide This quote reminds me of another quote: not all who wanders are lost 🙂 that’s me 🙂 Start a conversation or leave your comments here: Post by Adnan the Traveller FB Community. Tweet

We are made to explore

A ship in the harbour is a safe ship. But that’s not what ships are build for. Start a conversation or leave your comments here: Post by Adnan the Traveller FB Community. Tweet

My relationship with my friend and mentor

This is the story of my 16 years friendship with a friend and mentor, 13 years my senior.  Our friendship has evolved over the years amidst our busy schedule and different life situations. I never lead my life, even at a young age, thinking that I needed or wanted a mentor. I was a shy kid […]