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A movement towards Authenticity

We frequently hear people speak of being authentic. And yet what does that really mean.  Its a very loaded word and granted not all of us defines authenticity the same way.

To me, authenticity is the practice of mindful awareness. Mindfulness means to simply being aware and present in the here and now, experiencing life for what it is. To not curb yourself from feeling any emotions or thinking any thoughts. Awareness has no choice but to be aware of everything. And our true nature is awareness. What consumes our energy, conscious or otherwise,  is supressing our awareness of what is happening because it could for example be an emotion we feel uncomfortable feeling or thoughts we dun want to admit we have because that would mean we are a bad person etc.

And yet we can’t change unless we have fully accepted who we are. There is nothing to change if we don’t realise we have a problem in the first place.

The movement towards Authenticity is not all fun and games but its certainly beautiful in its own way. To be authentically yourself means to be completely yourself at all moments.  No pretence.  Every thought and every action is yours and not a continual simulacrum or meme that u are generating unconsciously because of something you have been taught. It means rexamining all that we have been taught and conditioned. We no longer live life on auto-pilot. We are fully aware of what is happening and most importantly how it is affecting you.  And from there you decide what to do and you ovserve how your actions ripples and affects u. Don’t be too attached on outcomes, i know its difficult sometimes for I have my own expectations, but instead accept and most importantly just practice non-partial total awareness of everything that is happening; how the outside affects the inside and vice versa.