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About Me

I am a spiritual being having a very human experience, a traveller of sorts on this journey that we call life (to distinguish from death). But honestly perhaps death is just a human conception from the perspective of the outsider so in essence we might all be eternally living.

Life has been enriching and humbling, inspiring and enlightening and I feel the spiritual nature of everything in life as I grow older. This blog is largely a space for me to share my thoughts, realisations, things that captures my attention as I journey through life.

So if you like what I like and find my thoughts at the very least stimulating to the development of your own ideas, than please join me via this blog as I journey through life’s ups and downs and also fun and interesting, invigorating and even the occasional hiccupy ‘Oh-Shit’ moments:-) Remember, Its All Good haha:-)

‘Adnan the Traveller