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What occupies my awareness since I was five years of age

What are we doing with our lives.


What are we doing with our lives? Are we awake? What is awakening. And what is the point of it all? What is to be achieved or how would life have changed when one is awaken? Is awakening possible within this lifetime? If so what are the conditions necessary for it to happen? What is the one things that stops people from dedicating time to achieving this? And this thing that stops us, is it worth letting it stops us or or do we need to prioritise? And if it is worth it, why is it worth it? And if it is not, why is it not worth it? And so if you do not awaken in this life, do you think its worth it? And what happens than when you die? Is death the end? Or do you think it continues? So what is life than if it doesn’t end at death? So how old are you really than? And if death is not the end, what is the end? Is there such a thing as death to begin with? And if you ask yourself the question of what is death, than you always have to ask yourself what is birth? Is this the first time you have come this way? Is it possible the story of life: birth and death is somehow a story we conjured with the help of the culture: education, beliefs, conventions” that we are immersed in? How can we know if this culture is accurate? If culture is like the water the fish is immersed in, how can the fish come out of the water and realised that its in water? If we are the fish, how would we do that? Is death than the only form of awakening possible because than its akin to the fish being taken out of the water? WHat is our version of culture-water? If we can admit all these are stories: culture, education, tradition, conventions, than why do we fight so hard to protect it? How can we know what is real for sure? Can we say that when we know what is real for sure, awakening ensues? Or there are more? The question is are we real? How real are we? Can we trust our mind to deduce this answer? What if the mind is not a good instrument, how can we than know what is real? including ourselves. Are we real? Lets say you are not real, what else can you be? And lets say you are real, what is your real purpose than? Why is there a need for purpose? Can life exist for its own sake without any purpose? Do u think as humans, we project our values and expectations on the universe and make it seems like that is the divine plan? What if we are all just dream characters created by a powerful alien mind who is asleep and dreaming us all? WHat does that makes us? If we are just dream characters, does this mean that we are the alien creature that is asleep dreaming us all? This alien creature would be God than because he created us in his dream. Do you create dream characters when you sleep as well? Are you God? If not, why? Perhaps the dream characters you create in your dreams are as conscious as you and I are. And if your dream characters sleep at night and they dream, does that make them God as well? If not why? If yes why? What if the alien creature who dream us in his sleep thus creating the world aka God, is also a dream character created in the dream of another being? What than? What if there is really no actual matter and we are all a product of pure consciousness dreaming posibilities and probablities. Does this makes us more or less significant? Why is there a need for relativity; to think that we are more of less significant? Can things just BE? Is there a point to it? Why is there a need to have a point? If the point is to just Be, than what is the purpose of just BEing? If there is no purpose to just BEing, than in BE-ingness, do we have anything to really achieve? How can we even deduce a simple answer when right above I have shared with you a mountain of things that we have no way of answering…

so back to the original question… what are we doing with our lives?

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