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Animal pics

Beautiful Zentangle Spirit Animals…

I love these way of drawing animals, where the animals, as a whole, are overlaid with small tiny patterns which makes up the whole… And I have started trying my hands at some of these… I’m definitely at the novice stage. Enjoy some of these amazing designs… A photo posted by James Hinchliffe (@ginjaninja1801) on […]

The forms that makes up life…

The spirit of nature is what we are… and the spirit of nature comes in many forms… In our dreams we see these forms manifested in the world of our creation… in these dreams we are the God that has forgotten itself, lost within its own creations… In the ‘waking life’, the spirit of nature, […]

Animals have the key to awakening the love in us

I saw this dog couple of days back. It was tied to a post, obviously its taken care of by someone. Its a friendly dog and one of its eyes was missing. And yet it looks so happy and enjoying the love of interested passer-by. Life is beautiful indeed when Love is present. – ‘Adnan […]

Hello World…

Unbelievably Beautiful: Tweet

Shaman cat performs ritual, gives 9 lives to kittens

While this is funny to watch, I wonder what is really happening. It seems as if the cat is fighting off something that invisible to the human eye 🙂 How many of you have seen strange things that your cat does that made you wonder? Tweet

Michigan: A Farmer discovered Mammoth Skeleton in Soybean Field

Its not everyday that you discovered that you have something prehistoric in your backyard. Farmer James Bristle and his friend were digging in his field to make way for a natural gas pipeline, when suddenly they struck something. Bristle said: “We thought it was a bent fence post.” On further inspection, it turned out to be […]

Should we eat bugs?

With a projected decrease and eventual food scarcity projected in the next 30 years as world population grows, it is time that we rediscover our ancestral practice of healthy bug eating. In the following TED-Ed video, Emma Bryce shared how our hunter gatherer ancestors used to eat bugs and how farming bug produces less greenhouse effect and […]

Video: The nano structures that gives the Blue Morpho Butterfly its majestic blue

The wings of a blue morpho butterfly are some of the most beautiful structures in nature. And guess what? it doesn’t contain any blue pigment!   The Blue Morpho butterfly gets its colour based on how its scales are structured (structural colour) at the nano level. UC Berkeley conducted a study to find out how […]

Slow Mo Video: Hummingbirds feeding

Ever wondered how hummingbirds could fly so well while feeding from a flower? Check out the video below: Watch the video below: Share your comments or start a conversation here: Slow Mo Video: Hummingbirds feeding Posted by Adnan the Traveller FB Community on Sunday, April 5, 2015 Tweet

Every Obstacle is an opportunity to Let go of the story and be reborn

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, The world calls a Butterfly.” Richard Bach Leave your comments here or start a conversation: Post by Adnan the Traveller FB Community. Tweet