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Wim Hof – The Iceman who climbed Mt Everest in his shorts

Wim Hof had accomplished world record feats of endurance that beguiles the mind such as: – Longest Icebath – Climbing to the top of Mt Killimanjaro in his shorts (2009) – Climbing 6.7 km(21,982 ft) altitude of Mt Everest in his shorts. (2007) – completed a full marathon (42.195 kilometres above the arctic circle in […]

Watch “Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world” on YouTube

Mycologist Paul Stamets studies the mycelium — and lists 6 ways that this astonishing fungus can help save the world. Tweet

A human body x-rayed while doing Yoga poses

Ever wondered how the human bones looks like inside of you when you are performing yoga poses? Well check out the pictures below and the video after: Watch the video below: Tweet

Introducing the Singularitarian perspective of fitness.

Recently, I find myself hesitating on whether I do want to go to the gym. This happens during lunch break, or after work hours. This happens even as I was standing at the lift lobby that will take me upstairs. It wasn’t laziness. It was something else. This happens day in and day out. I […]

The Secrets of Sugar

This is a very revealing 45min documentary on the dangers of sugar garnered through interview with the world’s leading experts as well as investigative journalists. You seriously owe it to yourself and your love ones to watch this documentary. Watch below: Tweet

Starting on my Paleo Diet Full-On today

Its been far too long, finally I am on-board my paleo lifestyle diet. There are a lot of good things about growing old. Seriously, don’t let the young people tell you otherwise. There is greater acceptance in who I am, a greater efficiency in the way I think and do things, no more non-essential worrying. […]

Soylent: The food replacement solution of the future?

Rob Rhinehart, a software engineer, believes that he had created the food replacement solution that will free up his time to do more important thing. It became so popular that he managed to raise nearly $800K so far to set up his company to research and sell this product called Soylent. Thus far he’s been […]

Rich Froning – Champion Crossfiter talks about CrossFit and fitness

Probably one of the fittest man on earth, Rich Froning Jr. (born July 21, 1987) is an American professional CrossFit athlete known for his achievements in the 2010, 2011, and 2012 CrossFit Games. He became the first person to win the title of “Fittest Man on Earth” two times with his first place in the […]

A quick way to learn about Monsanto and their unethical way of making money that endangers both human and plant lives and bio-diversity

Its a decent rap but most importantly a good quick way to understand all the controversy about Monsanto.   Tweet

Scott Coventry weight loss on Paleo

The Paleo (Caveman) diet is gaining in popularity. What is it? Well essentially its about removing processed food, sugars and carbs from your diet. That means organic vegetables and free-range, grass fed meat are the course of the day. A great resource website will be Mark’s Daily Apple. Essentially our human body is programmed to […]