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The forms that makes up life…

The spirit of nature is what we are… and the spirit of nature comes in many forms… In our dreams we see these forms manifested in the world of our creation… in these dreams we are the God that has forgotten itself, lost within its own creations… In the ‘waking life’, the spirit of nature, […]

Hello World…

Unbelievably Beautiful: Tweet

Go Pro: Climbing Iceland

Such a beautiful, strange and alien landscape. Tweet

Awesome Video: Chameleons are Amazing

Chameleons are amazing. Just watch this video and marvel at their vibrant colours and learn some amazing facts about them 🙂 Watch the video at the bottom: Video Below: Tweet

Amazing Shocking Video: Calbuco volcano eruption

The Calbuco volcano in Chile erupted in April 2015, forcing the evacuation of residents within 20 kilometers (12 miles), as ordered by the National Office of Emergency of the Interior Ministry, reports Agence France-Presse. ONEMI, as it is known, is the Chilean government agency dedicated to aiding recovery efforts during natural disasters. It is amazing […]

Video: Aurora Australias lights up Southern Hemisphere from space

Sometimes we have to see Earth from outside itself to be reminded that we are living on a giant ball hurtling through space with fancy light effects 🙂 Watch the video below: Tweet

Picture Gallery: The Beauty of Mosque Domes & Ceilings

Simply awesome to look at:-)           Leave a comment or start a conversation here: Picture Gallery: The Beauty of Mosque Domes & Ceilings Posted by Adnan the Traveller FB Community on Thursday, April 9, 2015 Tweet

Gorgeous Game Lumino City is made of Actual PaperCraft

There is a game called Lumino City that was actually made using gorgeous actual papercrafts. To build the game set, the designers created an actual set made using papercraft. To fully appreciate what this means, watch the video of the game trailer below and than watch the video of the making of the game at […]

Danny Macaskill returns to his native home to take on the death defying Cuillin Ridgeline on the Isle of Skye

This is an amazing mountain bike video shot on Cuillin Ridge, Isle of Skye. To see a mountain biker climb a mountain on his bike and in hard to cycle places, actually climbed the mountain with the bike held in one hand, is an amazing sight. At one point, there was a fence and he […]

Visionary Short Film: The Moment of Beauty by Takayuki Sato

This is an exhilarating video titled, The Moment of Beauty by animator, designer and director Takayuki Sato. Watch the video below after the break: Are you ready? 🙂 The Moment of Beauty from Takayuki Sato on Vimeo. Join in the conversation or leave your comments here: Post by Adnan the Traveller FB Community. Tweet