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You don’t need more time…

You don’t need more time, you only need to be Here & Now…    Leave a comment or start a conversation here: Post by Adnan the Traveller FB Community. Tweet

Flying through Fireworks

Ever wondered how it feels like to fly through fireworks? In this video, the pilot of a DJI Phantom 2 drone with a GoPro Hero strapped on it flew over and through massive fireworks. Its awesome to see. Watch the video after the break: Video Below: Tweet

NeuroSky: Control machines with your mind (Video)

Neurosky is the maker of mind-control device that enables you to control machines and computer programmes by simply using your mind. By reading the brainwaves that you produce when you concentrate, meditate and blink, this will enable you to interface with softwares enabling you to translate those into physical actions. Watch the videos here: The […]

A Beautiful Gif of a Blooming Flower

Flowers has always intrigued humanity. From the beauty it inherently possess to its almost mathematically constructed geometry. Layered with discovery in Golden Ratios and the Fibonacci sequence, the mathematical fractal algorithm that pervades all of nature’s design. Perhaps beauty can truly be defined mathematically and we are attracted to designs that are fundamentally similar to […]


SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD FESTIVAL 2014 Sustainable Seafood has been celebrated around the world. For the first time, WWF-Singapore will organize a sustainable seafood festival in Singapore to promote and celebrate responsible seafood consumption. Sustainable Seafood Festival will take place from 8 to 15 June 2014. Make sure you head down to the participating restaurants and businesses […]

Video: Google’s new self-driving car

This car has no steering wheel, no accelerator and brake pedal. Its entirely driven by an onboard computer and is actually, more alert than a human driver. The car was unveiled very recently at the inaugural Code Conference: Watch the video below: Your browser does not support iframes. Your browser does not support iframes. Tweet

Wow: Matheran, Maharashtra, India

The view must be amazing, the oxygen level, it seems like the kind of scene that will enable the mind to soar. Tweet

Simply Gorgeous: Tianzi Mountains, China

Can you imagine something like this exists? It makes me wonder how these rock formations first started and why they became this way. (Click on the picture for the larger pic: Tweet

Video: New Invention makes Snorkelling easier and more enjoyable

Have you always wanted to enjoy underwater life but dislike using the traditional snorkeling device? Well you are in luck because recently a French company, Tribord has reinvented the device used in snorkeling. Instead of the usual snorkeling mask and snorkel that we are used to… see below: This is replaced by a facemask where […]

22yr old women had her skull replaced with a 3D printed Skull.

The amazing thing about 3D printing is how it is helping the medical community creates custom-sized prosthetics and synthetic bones measured to a person’s personal specifications. In a recent article from Wired, a 22yr old woman suffering from chronic-bone disorder, had her skull removed and replaced with a 3D printed skull. A 22-year-old woman from […]