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Epicurus on what is it that will make us happy

Have you ever wondered what will make you truly happy? Epicurus, an ancient Greek Philosopher living between 341–270 BC, have shared that you truly need only three things to be happy:


  1. Being surrounded by friends everyday. Epicurus placed so much emphasis on friendship that he bought a large house and invited his friends to stay with him. He asserted that you should meet your friends daily (and not just once or twice a month) and in fact, you should never eat alone.
  2. Personal Freedom. This can be in the form of self-reliance, not being bound by a job you dislike, being able to live based on what you desire. In order to achieve this, Epicurus and his friends left Athens (the capital of ancient Greece) and moved to the countryside. They didn’t mind that they wore shabby clothes and did not have as much money as others, but they were free.
  3. An examined life. Epicurus and Socrates both agreed on this. That to be happy, one needs to have the time and freedom to examine one’s self and one’s life. To understand issues affecting one’s life, one’s past actions, one’s relationships and friendships, one’s place in the universe etc. And this will result in further growth.

In the video clip below, Swiss-British Philosopher & TV Presenter; Alain De Botton share further on the concept of Happiness based on Epicurus, talks to a guy who shops a lot and also visits Epicurus’s hometown and Epicurean communities that lives according to the philosophy set out by him. The video is only 23mins long and its highly recommended 🙂

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