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Forgiveness is a word most commonly used but not very much understood. It is an act many of us struggle with.

For most of us with sufficient time to understand ourselves better, we also realise that there are many degrees of forgiveness.  We sometimes struggled to even forgive someone. And in another situation, we thought we have forgiven soemthing that had happened to us in the past only to realise years later that we have not forgiven in its entirety and an holding to some vestiges of it. This belies the question, how do we know when we are ready to forgive and how do we know that we have forgiven someone in its entirety.

What is clear is that as much as we struggle to forgive others, the act of forgiveness is beneficial to our own sense of well being. It equates to the ability to let go of past baggage and not spend energy, conscious or otherwise, holding on to something.

As Ghandi once said, ‘Only the strong can forgive’.