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How to convert existing bicycles into an electric bike

With electrical batteries becoming increasingly affordable, we are seeing a proliferation of electrically powered motorised vehicles from drones to skate scooter to bicycles. But what if you are perfectly fine with your bicycles but you don’t mind enjoying the same form factor but with electrical assist? That’s where the Geoorbital wheel comes in;


The GeoOrbital Wheel is an attempt at reinventing the wheel so to speak. It was inspired by the movie Tron and the way the wheels on the light-cycles seemed to work;


Instead of a regular wheel with spokes and a motor powered gear chain moving the wheel, instead we now have a 3 spoke like wheel centre that is also the main motor for the bicycle.


They recently conducted a very successful Kickstarter campaign which shows the interest in their novel rethink of a relatively new technology.

So if a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video speaks a trillion photos. So watch the following videos for a better understanding:

Here is the video from their Kickstarter campaign:

Here is the wheel being reported on Discovery Channel:

You can check out their website or their youtube page here. If you are looking where to find some of those bikes we just saw, a lot of them can be found on