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Enlighteningly Funny: George Carlin on Religion

I like stand up comedians that are not only funny but also creates a paradigm shift within us all and allows us to take a step back and laugh at our idiosyncracies. In the tradition of the court jester or the mystic fool who can say what no proper man could say and while doing so, actually creates a profoundly deep realisation in others. In some ways Mark Twain will be a good example of a writer of his time who was accused of being crass and profane but look at how identifiable his work is until today.


Here George Carlin talks about religion. Look I know I’m going to get some flak from people who are steeped in their own religion. But sometimes its good to also ask yourself uncomfortable questions that you have been avoiding for years perhaps. Religion is kinda weird in terms of its recursive logic while appearing illogical and hence its utter reliance on faith. And George here is just pointing that out. You dont have to agree with him, but just seat back and learn to see his point of view. Im sure that alone will have some form of value no matter what your stand is on the matter of Religion. Enjoy:-)

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