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Google Thinks Big: Driverless cars, Google Glasses & Women in Technology.

As you might well know, I am fascinated with technology. More than anything, I think technology is a temporary crutch that one day we will throw away as we realise that the technology within us is as awesome if not more awesome than the best technology we have created. Think about the internet and compare it with the stories of yogis who could access the thoughts of anyone they want anywhere in the world. Think about telecommunications and how many of us have had experiences of telepathy. Think about timely news update and how we instinctively knew that something bad or even tremendously joyous have happened to our love ones.

So here I present one of the most innovative technology companies of our times talking about the future:



Google Thinks Big; Driverless cars, google glass, women in technology


What is Google X? (Google’s secret skunkworks lab)


You can read more by clicking here.

Ray Kurzweill (the Thomas Edison of our times) share more about his work at Google. (he’s been at google for 2 months)


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