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The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence – The HeartMath Institute

A device have been created which allows individual direct feedback of the congruence between their heart and brain to facilitate open-heart & open-mind state.


I first heard about the HeartMath Institute while listening to Bio-Hacker Dave Asprey (Aka. The Bulletproof Executive, the Bulletproof Coffee). The distinguished scientists at the Institute of HeartMath (IHM) and Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) have conducted extensive research on the power of heart intelligence, intuition and the energetic connection between all things. IHM and GCI have explored the intricacies of heart-brain messaging, how emotions affect human biology and the influences of geomagnetic fields and solar activity on our health and daily activities.

This whole idea is this:

In the past, when we were told to keep our hearts open, be congruent, be focused and centered on the heart, what does all this mean? Are there any physiological indicators of being in an open heart state? Technology has improved now to the point of what Dave Asprey called, the technology of providing humans with an idea of the quantified self. Simply put, technology has improved to the point that we can have live feedback of the state of our heart and mind.

This video will explain this idea better:

I find this idea intriguing. I do not own any of the machine for these device but I am just excited by the existence of such a technology. It is a way to hack into and improve your happiness, become stress-free through being consciously aware of where your heart and mind is literally.

The Heart-Math institute is a non-profit organisation that conducts these research. You can visit them here:
If you wish to know more, click here, you can download their 70page book for free here: