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Our Relationship with our heart

What is the heart? If you ask a lay person, they will tell you that the heart keeps us alive by pumping blood throughout our whole body. If you talk to a doctor, he will be telling you more about how the heart does this through rhythmic contractions, what are the signs of a healthy heart and a diseased heart.

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If you ask a poet, he will tell you that the heart is where he feels love. His connection with his heart or lack thereof allows him to express in lyrical beauty the highs and lows of his life experience. Whether it be his connection with his fellow men and women or with his partner and lovers.

If you ask a religious leader, he will tell you to always hold prayer in your heart in case you fall dead at any time. In which case it is ideal that the last thing your heart focuses on is God. He might also tell you that at the end of the day, what God looks at is a person’s heart. If he has a good heart, than he’s life is a success.

If you ask a Yogi, or a Sufi or a Gnostic or a Siddhu, they will tell you that the heart is not an organ. That when they speak of the heart, it is our connection with the Divine. Some mystics will say that the Heart is where our Divine spark rest. To acknowledge this, the Hindus greet each other with ‘Namaste’ meaning ‘I bow to the Divine in you’. Mystics sometimes also share, that there is only One Heart. Instead of 6 billion hearts. All hearts are sourced from One Heart. As if all heart is a wormhole that connects all as One. The Hero with a thousand faces, or perhaps God wearing 6 billion mask.

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What do I think the heart is? 

I think the heart is not an organ. At one point I felt that the heart is the seat of my connection with God. After awhile I realise that from my heart flows my connection with the Divine. One day I met spirits who sang a song that blew the walls I have built around my heart. I was immersed in Unconditional Love. They told me, try as hard as possible to feel anger, hate, jealousy, sadness. I did my best but all my hate, all my anger, all my sadness were unified in Love. I realised than that the most powerful medicine is Love. Love is the unstructured energy of the universe. Love is Wholeness. Fear gives it shape. Out of fear we have comparisons and structure. With structure and comparisons, wholeness was broken into parts. Hence fear creates a sense of separation from wholeness. It was difficult to hold on to these realisations because I was in LOVE and Love unifiy all structures. I was now with a heart that was open only because it has no doors. And yet the spirits told me there is no limit as to how wide your heart can be opened. And they opened my heart further over the years. I am always astounded, how do you open wider something that has no more doors, hinges or walls/roofs to begin with.

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Through the heart, I realise that all my relationships were not relationships with others. It was essentially a relationship between me and my heart. But than, through the heart, I realise the Oneness of all Hearts. There are no 6 billions hearts beating right now. There is only one heart projected into 6 billion fragmented awareness. Our heart is the One Heart and the Heart is the source of everything. The heart is the singular movement that generates existence. When you collapse into the heart, you swim in an awareness of the futility of trying to achieve anything because you are already everything, every potentiality, every probability, every possibility and every reality. What is there to achieve or do when you are already everything? You are not just the person, you are the environment, you are the grass, the animal, the sky, the mountain, the air, the sand, the sea-bed, the algae, the hair in someone’s nose, the ant, the 6 billion humans, the trillions who have existed from the beginning till the end of time, the observer and the observed, the light and the dark, the male and the female, the planet and the solar system, the nubulae and the galaxy, the supernova and the black hole.

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Coming back from these massive realisation, back in your own body, you realise that every relationship you ever had is a relationship with yourself because essentially you are everything and everything is you. That means if you are reading this, I am you and you are me. You are living through me and I am living through you. But its not happening chronologically. Its all happening Now. In the heart, there is no time. There is only potentiality and possibilities.

Despite all these, I would have to say I still don’t know what the heart truly is in its entirety. I am not even sure whether a human brain is equipped to understand what the heart is. I am certain that one day we will understand what the heart truly is. The day is Now because there is no such thing as Time. But we are not perceiving it yet. Our language will be lacking to even describe what the heart is. Do we use mathematics than to express the nature of the heart? What is the perfect instrument to understand the heart? Perhaps the best instrument to understand the heart is the heart itself. And if simplicity is Truth and Beauty is Truth, than its a simple yet beautiful solution to understanding what the heart truly is.