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Joe Rogan talks to futurist working on virtual realities, human avatar and human-machine synthesis.

In this episode of Joe Rogan Questions Everything, Joe talks to futurists such as Ray Kurzweill and billionaire entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov on what the future will be like. He also visits the first ever android with the downloaded memories of an actual human being coupled with an expressive face that mimics human emotions. Along the way, he talks with philosopher Dr Masimo Pigliucci who talks about the dangers of shifting consciousness like software. At the same time, he also questions whether we will be able to replicate emotions and would future humans be essentially psychopathic in nature of they are without emotions?

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Joe Rogan also visits the Global Future 2045 International Congress to interview the brilliant minds working on downloading human consciousness into computational substrate and also the prime mover of the GF 2045 himself, Dmitri Itskov.

This is a very fascinating episode and I highly recommend that everyone watches it.