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On the topic of life purpose and destiny



What is our Life Purpose?

Today we will attempt to peel away the layers of this question. Personally it has been an all-consuming obsession of mine ever since I was a small boy. It still is. Do I have any answers? I’m not so sure. What I do have are assumptions based on varied research on what is really our life purpose. But until I reach the conclusion of my existence, I can’t really say for sure. Anyway what is existence? haha.. ok one thing at a time yeah. We will get to that.

A picture speaks a thousand words so look at the diagram below:


Disappointed? Were you expecting someone to give you the answer on what is your life purpose? Do you think there is a life purpose for us or do you think that largely our life purpose is determined by us? Which would you rather have?

I think our life purpose is determined by our cultural conditioning. We are the conclusion of a series of conditioning set upon us since childhood by parents, teachers, religious teachers, society and even national building programmes.

Culture is your operating system – Terrence McKenna

All these developed into the culture you are immersed in. Culture can seem to be an invisible & pervasive form of influence that you can remain unaware of unless you consciously choose to be aware of it.

Depending on where you live, the concept of having your own life purpose might not even be part of your culture. Some cultures, especially most Asian cultures, places the family and race before everything else. In some cultures, religion takes centre-stage. So the question that we must ask ourselves is, does Life Purpose truly exists?

I spoke to a shaman once about this. I asked him, what is my life purpose. In answer to my questions, he told me the following:

Life and Life Purpose

So he showed me something similar to the above diagram. Although all we really had was a salt shaker and a pepper shaker. So if you look at the circles above, what do you see? I told him I dont get his question. So he showed me, if Life is in a circle on its own, and Life Purpose is in a circle on its own, what do I see? I was still clueless.

So he shared; Life is Life and Life Purpose is a story we concoct. Life can exist without the need for a story to justify its own existence aka life purpose. That story is what we/society/religion create to explain away why we are here. Similar to this are all other types of expectations. Than he proceeded to explain to me that we are all stories within stories within stories within stories within stories within stories within stories etc. You get the idea.

I was blown away. Isn’t that true however? We are made of stories we have been told ever since we were born. The story our parents tells us, our teachers tells us, our religion tells us, our politicians tells us etc.

And than he continued; There is no such thing as purpose to life. And if there is, it is simply to live your life to its conclusion at which point you will come into awareness of the answer you were seeking.

Ok I know that is a bundle for you to digest and its up to you to conclude. Hey I’m just sharing with you my experience. But I can’t decide for you if this is it. You have to do your own thinking yeah. But what does it mean than if life has no purpose and all we have are stories that we tell ourselves. Hmm, intriguing.

If you do ask me, I do agree that we are all stories within stories within stories and so on. In fact I have a direct experience of this in one of my meditation session. Not only did I realise that we are all stories within stories within stories, but I was also given the experience of profound One-ness.

What is One-ness?

Well I can only share with you based on my own experience. They are direct experience which I feel are more valuable than reading from a second hand source. But on the flip side, they are my experience and since they are only mine, than you are listening to a second hand source. So please bear in mind that these are my truth but they need not be yours. In fact I dont want to be liable or responsible for what you choose to believe.

Ok enough of the disclaimer. I had an experience of being The Singularity. I realised that all of us belong to this Oneness: One Mind, One Awareness. There is no you nor I, we nor they. There is just Oneness. This includes the furnitures, the trees, even space. All these do not really exists except as illusions.

The World is Maya (illusion) – Rigveda

 I was shown scenes of when soldiers torture their enemies, they are simply torturing themselves. If they love others, they are actually loving themselves since there is ultimately only One. Take it as we are all a multiple-personality projection of One Consciousness. And in this Oneness, nothing else really exist apart from that Oneness. There is no purpose or destiny, pain or joy, light or dark because in reality all these are just forms of duality when in reality there is only Oneness.

“The Universe is God Dreaming”

I read the above quote once when I was a kid reading mystical texts which seriously I have no business reading haha. It stuck to me and now nearly 20 years later, I realised how true it was. The quote was like a seed slowly growing within me until it eventually blossoms and bear fruits of understanding. But than it is also just a story.

The Shaman told me that this singularity is Love. And Love is the very essence of Oneness. Everything else was created from Love, even fear and darkness which gives shape to reality.

So with this realisation, what does one do? What did I do? I dont know man. Life still continues. Except for the fact that I live it with a pinch of salt. I realised that in essence we are all this beautiful Oneness, it is our beginning and end so to speak although in truth, beginning and ending doesn’t really exist as it represents a narrative/story that we tell ourselves.

Although I know now that everything is me. Similarly for you, everything is you, even me. And with this realisation as well, I think we are oneness that already knows its own conclusion. Why it does what it does I don’t know. In a way we know, because we are that Oneness, but maybe we dont have access to it.

So maybe you can say that the universe is really God dreaming. All I know is that we are Oneness. Its even hard for me to explain this and you tell me if I’m doing a good job. But than the concept that you create in your mind after reading this might not even be the same, though you will think you understood. But than its ok, everything is a story anyway, and one day when we reach the conclusion of our existence (and death might be the end but one in a long series of evolution) only than we will know the answer. Oh well. Im having a headache and I hope you are not having one too. I love you all and All of you are me anyway and I am you… hahaha… dont get into a recursive cognitive loop. It will keep you awake all night…. Love you, myself.. cheers.


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