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Living a Heart Centered Life

The nature of darkness is that its existence is reliant on the absence of light. The opposite is not true however, the spirit of light does not exist because of the absence of darkness, instead light is space filler that inhabits darkness and transforms it. I will let that thought settle for now.


Now think about Love. Some people likened it to an emotion. Some believe that its the actual reality. But think about a space that is absent of Love. What would fill up the vacumn? Fear?

Similar to how the absence of Light creates darkness, I have the recent realisation that the absence of Love through lack of focus on Love creates Fear. But where Love truly exists, Fear has no place to share in the space occupied by Love. In a ceremony I had many years back, I found myself in a space made of Pure, Unconditional, Infinite & Eternal Love. It soaked me through and through down to my very bone, genes, DNA. Lovingly (Because that is the only expression of Love), Love told me; why don’t you try valiantly to feel hatred, jealousy, discontent, fear. I did and I tried valiantly. But in no way could the spirit of all these things (hatred, jealousy, discontent, fear) even exists in the space filled with Love. I was joyously defeated, smiling and realising in infinite reassurance the power of Love.

What is the Love that I speak of? For most people, their relationship with Love is defined in their relationship experience with their parents, with authority figures (teachers, aunts, uncles), friends and later on in life with their partners.  But this type of Love is only but a small part of the all-encompassing definition of Love that I know.

I met a shaman once who told me that the nature of reality is that it is Love. Love is the basic construct of the universe. It is the very substance of the universe, its building block. And fear gives it shape so that we can see the spirit of things. And this is why for this shaman, he shared with me that one of the powerful medicine to call on to heal someone is Love.

In his book, My Big TOE (Theory of Everything), Dr Thomas Campbell shared that everything in the universe is in a state of nearing entropy. The goal of life is to achieve progressively a state of lower entropy. And the nature of a lower entropy being is Love. It is not that a lower entropy being is filled with compassion, Love, empathy. A lower entropy being IS Love, Compassion, Empathy. You can refer to my earlier post to learn more about his theory. As an entity (you, me, anything that is Living which really is everything) is in a state of evolving from a state of high entropy to a state of low entropy. And as we progressively become beings of low entropy, we become Love.

In the context of the above, I hope that you now come to understanding that to refer to Love based on our experience of being in a human Loving relationship simply means that you are placing an all encompassing definition or placed in another way, placing All that Exists into a small cup 🙂 So for those who think they know Love based on your relationship experience, I hope that you give Love a fresh look and know that your relationship with Love and being a Loving entity can go beyond your relationship-based definition of Love and instead go beyond.

Sometimes I feel that the whole journey of life and the entirety of our existence (that goes beyond the tiny moment called our-life-on-earth) is about the journey of us into the Bosom of Love. Love is magnificent and infinitely beautiful and it exists not as a quality of something else like another human, another tree, another flower, but Love exists in itself and is in itself inherently magnificent and beautiful. In fact it is only because Love IS reality that the existence of beauty comes into being. By the way I’m talking about beauty as defined by the feeling that we get that soaks the heart with profound gratitude that is everlasting, that stays with us no matter what. That is when you know that you have experienced love inspired beauty beyond the temporal and fleeting. Because it stays and becomes a part of you even when that moment have passed. Sometimes, when you remember those moments, it has the quality of never-endingness, as if you have never truly stopped from appreciating such beauty but instead, despite having moved on with your life, when you think back on those moments, it seems as if a part of you have never left from standing in front of and being in awe and in deep gratitude of such moments.

Recently I had a beautiful experience with laughter, I was laughing through the deepest core of my soul. I laughed so hard that I went beyond my normal constrains with laughter. I realised that I was purging and at the same time I was channeling Love through my body to purge all impurities. It was a beautiful purge. And many weeks later, I was playing with my nephews and I started to laugh at something they did. And in that moment I had the distinct feeling that I have never truly stopped laughing. That somehow I have been laughing non-stop since the day when I was laughing through the deepest core of my soul. Perhaps from that day on, my entire life is the physical manifestation of an eternal Laughter and Joy.

As we live through out life, trust in the fact that whether conscious or unconscious, we are all heading in the direction to Become Love. But if you are the sort who prefers to be in the driver seat as opposed to letting fate and destiny guide you, than my advice to you to speed up this process is to live a heart-centered life. More of that another time, for now, begin by Loving yourself in your entirety, not only the good parts. And than when looking at others, share that love and compassion you have for yourself with others. Namaste

‘Adnan the Traveller