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Living a Life fully Mindful of the Now

The problems with language and symbols of communication is that its in the past tense and it doesn’t reflect the ebb and flow, the progression of thoughts as it emerges in the mind and as it transits from one thought after another. By the time you want to write down your thoughts, you are merely relegated to reporting it in the past tense.


In every moment, we are in the process of expansion and contraction of thoughts. Like flowers, thoughts emerges and reach full bloom and than disappear in an instant. Even memories are but mere thoughts. When we remember something that happens in the past, its not really a recollection of an event that happens in the past, we are simply re-enacting parts of it in our mind, and thus re-experiencing it all over again.



A friend of mine shared this quote once:

By the time you are ready, its already too late.

What is meant by this is that life is happening in the now. And you meet life by joining the flow in this moment. In the nowness of now. Not later, not a second late or a minute later. To really experience life fully, allow what is happening to happen and experience it fully. If you react to it, allow yourself to react with full mindfulness. Experience what is happening with full awareness but do not hold on to it. When you are mindfully aware and do not hold on to anything, you are like a great river that allows the passage of thoughts and experiences to flow through you. You experience but you also release. The person who holds on to experience is akin to the dam that controls the flow of water through the river. He holds on to thoughts/water to the point that the river starts to overflow across the banks and than it becomes too much and he is overwhelmed by the amount of water. And when he eventually let go, its akin to the dam bursting or releasing all the water and than everything flows smoothly again. The water no longer overflows on the banks.


Thoughts are so deceptively continuous that we layer it over time and attribute causality creating a narrative that we argue is logical because that was how we have designed and narrate the story to be in the first place. With time, there is an illusion of a story. A story requires a continuous narrative that strongly features an emergent causality, or at least a facsimile of one. Because ‘A’ happened, I did ‘B’. Due to a few resulting factors, ‘C’ happens. etc. With space, there is a sense of movement; I met ‘A’ here and than we went there, we rode to this location, I had to meet ‘B’ somewhere. etc. But really, one is seldom the cause of the other. In the intervening time, there are so many things that is happening, some of it we are aware of and some are below consciousness that to attribute one to the another is an act of simple fiction. Most of us don’t even know ourselves well enough to know why we did something. And if we think that we know, given 1-2, 5-10 years later, we have grown sufficiently to sometimes realise the real reason why we did something in the past. As the saying goes, sometimes life can best be understood retrospectively.

sun quote

Anyway its been a long day, goodnight and say a prayer so that tomorrow the sun will rise in the east and set in the west 🙂 And if it does, I’m sure you will create the illusion of causality and assert that because you prayed, hence the sun rises 🙂 Who knows, you might just be right 🙂 Namaste – I bow to the Divine within you.

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