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Hello World…

Unbelievably Beautiful:


Go Pro: Climbing Iceland

Such a beautiful, strange and alien landscape.

Thoughts as an impermanent structure

In our thoughts,  there is no ‘thing’ per say. There is only ‘nothing’. What truly exists is the Now. But the Thought of something can also manifest in the now but its a thought. Not a thing.
The problem arises when we think of thoughts as a thing and later when this ‘thought-thing’ has become so substantiated,  that it becomes seemingly solid to the mind that is thinking it. Only because through repetition,  this thought things becomes a relatively fixed structure within the mind, seemingly fixed as an everyday thing like your house door or house window.
At this point its important to remember you were its creator and u too can be its destroyer. Destroy this ‘thought-thing’ by realising its impermanence and transientness as a flowing thought.



Seneca on The Good Life


Always a good reminder. Seneca has a way of grounding us and letting us see the forest for the trees.

The Farm below the mountain.



What a perfect picture that represents the metaphor of dread as a skull (look at the pic from afar).


Shaman cat performs ritual, gives 9 lives to kittens

While this is funny to watch, I wonder what is really happening. It seems as if the cat is fighting off something that invisible to the human eye 🙂

How many of you have seen strange things that your cat does that made you wonder?

Martha Graham on Comparisons


Martha Graham is perhaps the most influential dance choreographer of the 20th century. (Although not as well-known by the general public, Graham has been compared to other creative geniuses like Picasso or Frank Lloyd Wright.)


Mooji; Focusing on the heart


Mooji hits the nail right on its proverbial head.

The Personal Benefit of Creating Art


Kurt Vonnegut said it best. Lets start Creating 🙂