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The realisation into One-ness.


In the beginning of my realisation, I thought…

You are a protrusion of the Divine into everyday reality.

Than I realise that there is a spark of the Divine within all of us.

But than one night I realised that reality is God dreaming.

The following moment, I realised that there is only


Everything that has ever existed, is existing and going to exist is actually all One.

All the things we see around us, are all One.

We are all One. You, me, I, he, she, they, we are all illusions.

The Universe is perhaps a singular movement of creation into and within itself.

But than again, that is also just a story and a story doesnt really exist because it exists outside of wholeness/oneness.

There is only One-ness, there is nothing else outside of it. It took me a while to realise this but Time is also an illusion.

No fear, no destiny, no time, no sadness, no anger, no dreams etc because all these and everything else are mere concepts and stories we tell ourselves and an unconscious attempt to self-divide our reality into what we think as manageable chunks.

We are all One. Ponder on that…



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