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The forms that makes up life…

The spirit of nature is what we are… and the spirit of nature comes in many forms… In our dreams we see these forms manifested in the world of our creation… in these dreams we are the God that has forgotten itself, lost within its own creations… In the ‘waking life’, the spirit of nature, […]

Super Adorable Video: What your dog actually does when you aren’t at home?

Ever wondered what does your dog do when you are not at home? Youtuber Mike the Intern decided to test out a new GoPro camera by attaching it to his dog to record what it does when it’s home alone. The resulting video is so adorable that it makes you feel sad if you ever […]

Supercute Video: Surprised Kitty

This is a classic hilarious video of a surprised kitty being tickled 🙂 Watch below: Tweet

WTF: Photoshopped Animals hahaha

Hahaha: Looks amazing Tweet