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A movement towards Authenticity

We frequently hear people speak of being authentic. And yet what does that really mean.  Its a very loaded word and granted not all of us defines authenticity the same way. To me, authenticity is the practice of mindful awareness. Mindfulness means to simply being aware and present in the here and now, experiencing life […]

Journey into Authenticity

Always be authentically yourself: Tweet

What is Authenticity and how to live Authentically.

The journey into authenticity is something that I pursuit constantly.  What does it mean to be truly authentic and how can one discover his/her inner authenticity and live from that place of self integrity? In order to answer the above question, we have to first understand what is authenticity and how do we tune in […]

Authentic living

As I grow older, I become more interested in ways of living a more authentic life and actually making it happen. Its not longer an intellectual exercise. Its an actual experience and if the experience gels with me, I want to make it into a practice. Thus what I am really seeking is the practice […]