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Thoughts as an impermanent structure

In our thoughts,  there is no ‘thing’ per say. There is only ‘nothing’. What truly exists is the Now. But the Thought of something can also manifest in the now but its a thought. Not a thing. The problem arises when we think of thoughts as a thing and later when this ‘thought-thing’ has become […]


Forgiveness is a word most commonly used but not very much understood. It is an act many of us struggle with. For most of us with sufficient time to understand ourselves better, we also realise that there are many degrees of forgiveness.  We sometimes struggled to even forgive someone. And in another situation, we thought […]

Video: Nick Bostrom: What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?

In the last 5 years, there’s been greater emphasis and acquisition on Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning by companies such as Google, Facebook and even Twitter. The question is that with Artificial Intelligence no longer being a science fiction tale but instead, a technological eventuality, what will happen when our computers becomes smarter then we are? […]

An important quote…

What the Caterpillar calls the end of the world,  The World calls a Butterfly… Join in the conversation or leave your comments here: Post by Adnan the Traveller FB Community. Tweet

The system that gives you what you want instead of what you need.

The industry is being built based on giving you what want as opposed to what you need. And in that is a huge problem.  Its not interested to aid you in your desire to awaken or to break away from a destructive cycle.  It has the property of perpetuating a want and multiplying it, the […]

Spiritual Insights into Time.

It’s because we sleep at night, Its because there is day and night, Its because there are the seasons… That is why we think time exists. Recently I started to take on the perception of an external being looking down at my life. Seeing me sleep and wake up numerous times… The only difference is […]

A dream: The only thing school is good at is learning how to ‘apologise’ or say ‘thank-you’.

I had a strange dream last night. It feels like I was at a school for children. It was one of those dreams where you dont know how you ended up in that dream or what happened earlier. But in that dream, the part that stuck to me was the part when I was walking […]

Who we are


Video: Joe Rogan – Rethink your life

Joe Rogan talks about the road less travelled and how we all already know what we need to do to be the best versions of ourselves but we aren’t doing it. Nicely edited video.   Tweet

Freedom from the mind