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Enlighteningly Funny: George Carlin on Religion

I like stand up comedians that are not only funny but also creates a paradigm shift within us all and allows us to take a step back and laugh at our idiosyncracies. In the tradition of the court jester or the mystic fool who can say what no proper man could say and while doing […]

The genius of comedian George Carlin

You gotta love Dan Carlin, he is a brilliant comedian that scares the shit out of you cuz you realise how ignorant we really are. This is him: And this is one of my fav George Carlin Stand-up act, enjoy: Tweet

Beautiful and funny: Bill Hicks – Relentless

Bill Hicks is an iconic stand up comedian who combines insights into life, politics and spirituality with eye opening humour. Must watch even if you have seen this before, time to refresh and also gain more insight 🙂   Tweet

The Legend: Dave Chapelle – Killing em softly

Dave Chapelle, the iconic and legendary stand-up comedian in his 1hr comedy special.   Tweet