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‘We are all part of the singular movement created by the Singularity expanding into itself’ ‘Adnan the Traveller Tweet

Fritz Perls on Awareness

‘Awareness, in and of itself, is transformative.’ Fritz Perls Tweet

The Courage to Go Within

Your throat is dry, your breathing isn’t strong and you know you are nervous. You try to enjoy your day but you know that something at the back of your mind is nagging at you. You do all the things that gives you joy in the past and instead of it being central to your […]

No time, just us.

If you are reading my first post here, than you are either with me since the beginning (which is today 4th Feb 2013) as I made my first post or you have scrolled back into the deep past somewhere in the future to read my initial posting, the origin so to speak, of what will […]


Awareness, in and of itself, is transformative. – Fritz Perls. Tweet