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Video: Interact with your digital device with your mind!

What if you can interact with your digital device with your mind? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well this might not be far from the truth. MindRDR, as the app is called, links up Google Glass with another piece of head-mounted hardware, the Neurosky EEG biosensor, to create a communication loop. The Neurosky biosensor picks up […]

Video: Skully Augmented Reality Helmets

This high-tech helmet might just save your life and that of your love ones. The Skully camera incorporates a back facing camera to enable the motor-cyclist to ‘see’ what is behind, a google-glass’esque google maps navigation as well as voice activated controls. This is how it looks like from the rider’s perspective: And this is […]

Google Thinks Big: Driverless cars, Google Glasses & Women in Technology.

As you might well know, I am fascinated with technology. More than anything, I think technology is a temporary crutch that one day we will throw away as we realise that the technology within us is as awesome if not more awesome than the best technology we have created. Think about the internet and compare […]

Google gets people ready for Glass with new how-to video | The Verge    Tweet