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Why you should give 100% daily


The Importance of Intensity in everything that we do.

So much of what I write on this blog concerns the question of why we do what we do, how we do what we do and what is the intended result of doing something the way we do it. Perhaps this is simply where I am at in my life that makes me explore such […]

Turn up and put out, no regrets

As long as you turn up, put out, than you will have no regrets. Tweet


Intensity: bringing everything to the present. Tweet

Insights & inspirstion

When u hv insight or inspiration, honour them. Write them down. Act on them. Insight & inspiration can emerge anywhere. Moments of bliss, anger, calmness or turbulence. Honour them anyway and write them down in a safe space where only you can read them. And don’t share them with others. Act on it first. This […]