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Joe Rogan talks to futurist working on virtual realities, human avatar and human-machine synthesis.

In this episode of Joe Rogan Questions Everything, Joe talks to futurists such as Ray Kurzweill and billionaire entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov on what the future will be like. He also visits the first ever android with the downloaded memories of an actual human being coupled with an expressive face that mimics human emotions. Along the […]

Video: Joe Rogan – Rethink your life

Joe Rogan talks about the road less travelled and how we all already know what we need to do to be the best versions of ourselves but we aren’t doing it. Nicely edited video.   Tweet

What is Reality? Joe Rogan ponders

Very intriguing pondering by Joe Rogan   Tweet

Funny & Intriguing: Joe Rogan 2006 Comedy Special

This is really funny, stimulating and intriguing. Joe Rogan’s humour is unique, funny and actually makes you think about and wonder about the things you might have missed because you forgot how fantastic the universe really is. Tweet