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What is life and what is it made of

Life exists because of the existence of several factors which makes up life (which can also be otherwise referred to as reality). These factors are so intrinsic as building blocks of life that it almost seems impossible to speak of one without the other. Its akin to our ability to understand the concept of 3-dimensionality […]

This is just a ride


Life is short



This path that you follow, where will it bring you? It will bring me to wherever I need to be. Tweet

Living life on your terms

You have to make a choice to live life on your own terms to meet and achieve your own objectives and not those that was set up by your parents, teachers, society and culture. U have to do this in order to be free. This also ties in to living life by design. ‘Adnan the […]

Design a Life

Design a Life, not make a living.  Tweet

Quotes to live by from a Cancer patient.

Only when we learn how to die then we learn how to live. Tweet