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Watch “Why People’s Opinions of You Aren’t Real” on YouTube

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Forgiveness is a word most commonly used but not very much understood. It is an act many of us struggle with. For most of us with sufficient time to understand ourselves better, we also realise that there are many degrees of forgiveness.  We sometimes struggled to even forgive someone. And in another situation, we thought […]

Leo Tolstoy on Love


What is Love and why do we seek it?

We do anything and everything for Love. Whether directly or indirectly, everything is done in pursuit of love, because of love and for love. Love comes in many forms. Its not just the love of a mother/father to their child and vice versa. Its not just the love of a lover for his/her beloved. Its […]

Protected: Love: Human & Divine…

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Fear and Love

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It’s Time…

It’s Time… This is it… You know what you need to do… It’s time…   Tweet

Love is eternal


Breathing in Love

Breathing in Love & breathing out Love and breathing in Love and on and on it goes, that’s the way to live a healthy life      Tweet

A Loving Heart