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Awesome Video: Mindfulness and Feeding the right Wolf

Many of us have heard about Mindfulness and have some vague idea what it is. Some of us probably know it better then the rest. Mindfulness is based on the practice of conscious awareness in every moment. You might be wondering why this is important? Well for the fact that bringing conscious awareness to every […]

Transcending Labels

The meaning of words holds within it much promise not only for clearer communication but also for a better understanding of ourselves and others. As each human being is a world unto itself, the commonality of similar expression belies the complexity and variety of meaning which is inherently hed by the individual. Just as there […]

Living a Life fully Mindful of the Now

The problems with language and symbols of communication is that its in the past tense and it doesn’t reflect the ebb and flow, the progression of thoughts as it emerges in the mind and as it transits from one thought after another. By the time you want to write down your thoughts, you are merely […]

Minimalism is a mark of a Mindful Soul.

“The more you have, the more you ended up doing. The more things you are busy doing the more it takes you away from what really needs to be done and hence it becomes the realm of distractions. Insight by ‘Adnan the Traveller We all lead busy lives. Whether it be work, family or our […]

The Heart…

The Heart The Heart always knows the answer It is the centre and the final destination We travel far and wide Only to realise that we are exploring The circumference and depth of our Own Heart Every new land, Every new experience Opens up a new area of our heart The world is the externalised […]

Freedom from the mind


Breathing in Love

Breathing in Love & breathing out Love and breathing in Love and on and on it goes, that’s the way to live a healthy life      Tweet