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Video: A rich life with less stuff | The Minimalists | TEDxWhitefish

I really enjoyed this short speech by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus who shared on why they decided on the Minimalist lifestyle. Ryan shared how he was earning 6-figure income and accumulating a lot of assets but was feeling unhappy and dissatisfied. To me they examplify some of the reasons why I started on […]

Going back to basics

Every once in awhile, especially as we grow older, and life becomes increasingly complex, there is a need to simplify our life. Taking reference from the saying, ‘Seeing the forest for the trees’, complexity usually results in us seeing so many tree branches leading every direction but not necessarily how all these are related to […]

Andrew Hyde: The man who owns only 15 things

Andrew Hyde is a man who chose to practice the minimalist lifestyle by choice. In one of his most popular blog entry, he shared how he sold of everything and reduce his properties to only 15 items. Click here. In case you are wondering who he is, his website describes him as the following: Andrew […]

Minimalism for a more full life

I like this video, it showed how distracting modern every day life can be at the office. And how minimalism can be a philosophy we embrace to lighten our mind and focus our thoughts and emotions for greater meaningfulness. Watch: Tweet

Authentic living

As I grow older, I become more interested in ways of living a more authentic life and actually making it happen. Its not longer an intellectual exercise. Its an actual experience and if the experience gels with me, I want to make it into a practice. Thus what I am really seeking is the practice […]

My thoughts on minimalism

I have started a conscious effort to practice the minimalism lifestyle. Initially my perspectives was on material minimalism. Spent a day discarding stuff that no longer serves me. I realised that the beauty of the minimalism lifestyle is the conscious awareness that has to exist before u can practice tis lifestyle. U have to ask […]