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Awesome Video: Experience how 3D Audio is the virtual reality for the ears

Back in the early 2000, I read one of my all time fav book, The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. And among many cool things he talked about was what was termed holographic sound. It described a process where soun was recorded using prosthetic ear and prosthetic ear canal and skull to capture sound that […]

Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft just took the screen out of the computer and instead, create computational holograms all around you. Watch the video, how amazing is this: Watch the videos here: And if you are a hardcore augmented/virtual reality enthusiast, here is the full Hololens Keynote speech: Leave your comments here or start a conversation: Post by Adnan […]

Kickstarter: Virtual Ride to Space

Do you dream of going into space? If yes, than support this Kickstarter project: A weather balloon will carry 12 HD video cameras up to a 30km altitude to create a virtual ride to space viewable with the Oculus Rift. Watch the video below: The camera array, which can be seen below, will be arranged […]