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Starting on my Paleo Diet Full-On today

Its been far too long, finally I am on-board my paleo lifestyle diet. There are a lot of good things about growing old. Seriously, don’t let the young people tell you otherwise. There is greater acceptance in who I am, a greater efficiency in the way I think and do things, no more non-essential worrying. […]

Scott Coventry weight loss on Paleo

The Paleo (Caveman) diet is gaining in popularity. What is it? Well essentially its about removing processed food, sugars and carbs from your diet. That means organic vegetables and free-range, grass fed meat are the course of the day. A great resource website will be Mark’s Daily Apple. Essentially our human body is programmed to […]

Ketogenic diet known to reverse kidney disease in mice

This is absolutely interesting, as you might know, I’m a practitioner of the paleo diet where I do not consume any sugar or carbs in my diet. I also abstain from processed food choosing instead to stick to natural food like vegetables, poultry, meats and eggs. If you are keen to find out more about […]