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You don’t need more time…

You don’t need more time, you only need to be Here & Now…    Leave a comment or start a conversation here: Post by Adnan the Traveller FB Community. Tweet

What to do when tomorrow never comes…

So true. We either start now and course correct along the way and also develop new skills or we don’t start at all. Think about the pioneers who travelled to new lands or the people who start something new whether a new business or a new idea. There are no precedence for pioneers in what […]

Life is Lived only in the NOW.

Inspired by the work of photographer Sebastiao Selgado, he inspired me and made me realised that there is no other way to live except in the NOW. We have limited shelf-life in our human form. Before long, our time will be up. Make full use of this opportunity to experience life in all its forms […]