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Introducing the Singularitarian perspective of fitness.

Recently, I find myself hesitating on whether I do want to go to the gym. This happens during lunch break, or after work hours. This happens even as I was standing at the lift lobby that will take me upstairs. It wasn’t laziness. It was something else. This happens day in and day out. I […]

Video: Dr Thomas Campbell: My Big Theory of Everything

One of the most amazingly intriguing and interesting book I came across in my life was My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) by Dr Thomas Campbell. Its a trilogy that detailed the exploration by a nuclear physicist of states of consciousness and an exploration into what is reality. Campbell began researching consciousness with Bob Monroe […]

Near Future: Your car will talk to other cars (What does this mean?)

In the near future, all cars will be communicating with one another. This will make driving seamless, automatic, safer and more efficient for all. Read more here or for a quick demo, watch this quick video:     Tweet

Jason Silva: Radical Openess and the power of open technological collaboration

What is the potential of radical openess for technological growth and how will this shape our immediate and far future? Watch this highly entertaining video of Jason Silva in his unqiue, enthusiastic and inspiring soliloquy. Tweet

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Freedom and Oneness


The inherent stupidity of the play of duality!

Only the weak thinks they need to be strong. That’s the problem with this world when people are obsessed with wanting to be strong. Women wants to be stronger than men. Men wants to be stronger than other men. Countries wants to be stronger than other countries. The truth is we are all as strong […]

What occupies my awareness since I was five years of age

What are we doing with our lives. What are we doing with our lives? Are we awake? What is awakening. And what is the point of it all? What is to be achieved or how would life have changed when one is awaken? Is awakening possible within this lifetime? If so what are the conditions […]

On the topic of life purpose and destiny

  What is our Life Purpose? Today we will attempt to peel away the layers of this question. Personally it has been an all-consuming obsession of mine ever since I was a small boy. It still is. Do I have any answers? I’m not so sure. What I do have are assumptions based on varied […]


‘We are all part of the singular movement created by the Singularity expanding into itself’ ‘Adnan the Traveller Tweet